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Dental Care Products

Dental Products In Bowmanville

Having the right tools makes every task easier. Caring for your teeth is no different. Clarington Family Dentistry want the people of Bowmanville to understand the dental care tools avaialble to them.

Clarigton Family Dentistry often has electric toothbrushes, waterflossers,whitening pens and take home kits available for purchase. Our trained staff will explain how to use and select the best products for your dental needs. We want to keep Bowmanville smilling.

Electric Toothbrushes

The world of electric toothbrushes can sound complicated. But if you're looking for the best-and easiest-way to take care of your teeth, it's worth researching. Why? Because-unlike a manual brush-an electric brush does the work for you.

What are the Benefits of An Electric Toothbrush?

Electrich toothbrushes provide superior plaque removal to regular manual toothbrushes. And because they provide the brushing action for you, many people find using power toothbrushes easier than using regular manual ones. Additionally, with so many different types and features available, it's easy to find one that suits your specific oral health needs.

What are the Benefits of An Electric Toothbrush?

  • Superior Plaque Removal. ...

  • Ease of Use. ...

  • Technology and Features. ...

  • More Cleaning Power. ...

  • Oscillating/Rotating/Pulsating Technology. ...

  • Dentist-Inspired Brush Head. ...

  • Two-Minute Timer. ...

  • Modes.

Speak with Clarington Family Dentistry Hygienist during your next visit about electric toothbrushes. We often have toothbrushes available for purchases

Water Flossers

Water flossers allow you to easily remove the plaque, food particles, and bacteria that get stuck in hard to reach places. By being able to clean those often overlooked places you can reduce your chances of developing gingivitis or other gum-related diseases.

Speak with your Clarington Family Dentistry Hygienst during your next visit to learn more. We often have flossers avaiable for purchase.

Whitening Sticks

Having a brighter and whiter smile doesn’t just improve our appearance—it improves our confidence, too. One such product is a teeth whitening pen, which could be added to your oral care routine to enhance the brightness and whiteness of your teeth.  

What Is a Teeth Whitening Pen?

Teeth can be stained from colored foods, such as berries, red sauces, coffee, tea, red wine, dark-colored sodas, and cigarettes. Like  whitening toothpaste, a teeth whitening pen fights these common stains—but it differs from toothpaste because of its size, portability, and general convenience.

These pens can help improve your teeth' color by removing leftover stains on each tooth's surface. These whitening products often produce visible results quickly—sometimes, even after your first round of use.

Teeth whitening pens are ideal if you want to add a last-minute touchup to your teeth’s whiteness, perhaps because you have a special event coming up or want to add some sparkle in a short amount of time. Speak with the staff at Clarington Family Dentistry to learn more.

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