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Independent Dental Offices Provide Customer Service & Care

Clarington Family Dentistry

Advantages of going to an independent dental office vs a corporate office.

It can be difficult to choose between independent and corporate dental offices. It

depends on what kind of dental care you are looking for. There are numerous

benefits to choosing an independent dental office for your family and their dental care


Independent dental offices such as Clarington Family Dentistry offer you a much

more personalized dental experience. At an independent dental office, you will

receive individualized care and because they are independent, they tend to know

their patients and work on building long-term relationships with every patient.

Independent dental offices tend to be smaller than corporate dental offices. They

also tend to have a much more relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This can be very

helpful for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Independent dental offices like

Clarington Family Dentistry are not bound by corporate protocols therefore they

are able to tailor their treatment plans and financial arrangements to each patient and their

individual needs.

At Clarington Family Dentistry we strive to build solid relationships with our

patients. We want our patients to feel comfortable from the minute they enter our

dental office.

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